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We provide custom hand car washing for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, campers, semi trucks and anything on wheels! Our hand washing experts will provide special care to your vehicle. We strive to provide the best professional hand car wash in Norfolk, Nebraska. We only use professional detailing equipment, soft scratch free microfiber towels. Stop in and you'll see the Time 2 Shine difference!


Our team takes pride in our waxing and polishing services. Don't trust your car or truck to the local car wash to remove scratches. In the time it takes to run through the premium car wash lane and put on a spray on wax the car wash wax doesn't compare to our hand wax and polishing process. We have the expertise and proper tools to get your paint back to showroom finish. Our waxing process adds a glossy coat to your paint. Our hand waxing proces can remove up to 90% of light scratches and other damage from your car's clear coat!

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